/raɪt / (say ruyt)

1. in accordance with what is just or good: right conduct.
2. in conformity with fact, reason, or some standard or principle; correct: the right solution.
3. correct in judgement, opinion, or action.
4. sound or normal, as the mind, etc.; sane, as persons.
5. in good health or spirits, as persons: he is all right again.
6. Colloquial in a satisfactory state; having what is needed: do you need anything or are you right?
7. principal, front, or upper: the right side of the cloth.
8. most convenient, desirable, or favourable.
9. all right, okay.
10. fitting or appropriate: to say the right thing.
11. genuine; legitimate: the right owner.
12. belonging or relating to the side of a person or thing which is turned towards the east when the face is towards the north (opposed to left).
13. belonging or relating to the political right.
14. straight: a right line.
15. formed by, or with reference to, a line or a plane extending to another line or a surface by the shortest course: a right angle.
16. Geometry having the axis perpendicular to the base: a right cone.
17. Colloquial (an intensifier): he's a right idiot.
18. a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.
19. that which is due to anyone by just claim: to give one his right or his rights.
20. Finance
a. the privilege, usually pre-emptive, which accrues to the owners of the stock of a company to subscribe for additional stock or shares at an advantageous price.
b. (often plural) a privilege of subscribing for a stock or bond.
21. that which is ethically good and proper and in conformity with the moral law.
22. that which accords with fact, reason, or propriety.
23. the right or proper way of thinking: to be in the right.
24. the right side or what is on the right side: to turn to the right.
25. a punch with the right hand, as in boxing.
26. in a right or straight line; straight; directly (to, into, through, etc.): right to the bottom.
27. quite or completely: his hat was knocked right off.
28. immediately: right after dinner.
29. exactly, precisely, or just: right here.
30. uprightly or righteously.
31. correctly or accurately: to guess right.
32. properly or fittingly: to behave right; it serves you right.
33. advantageously, favourably, or well: to turn out right.
34. into a satisfactory state or proper order: to put things right.
35. towards the right hand; to the right.
36. very (used in certain titles): the right reverend.
37. British Colloquial very; really; extraordinarily: he's right stupid.
verb (t)
38. to bring or restore to an upright or the proper position.
39. to set in order or put right.
40. to bring into conformity with fact, or correct.
41. to do justice to.
42. to redress (wrong, etc.).
verb (i)
43. to resume an upright or the proper position.
44. (an exclamation indicating assent, agreement, etc.)
45. by rights, in all fairness; rightfully.
46. make it (all) right with, Colloquial
a. to mollify: I'll make it all right with Mum.
b. to persuade, or especially, bribe: he made it right with the nightwatchman before the job.
47. right around,
a. all the way around: right around the country.
b. immediately round: right around the corner.
48. right around to, all the way to.
49. right as rain, Colloquial
a. safe.
b. okay.
c. in good health.
50. right for, adequately supplied with: are we right for bread?
51. right on!, (an expression of approval, confirmation, etc.)
52. right royal …, an extreme kind of the thing specified, usually negative in nature: a right royal idiot.
53. she'll be right, Also, she's right. Colloquial (an expression of confidence that everything is in order.)
54. the right, (often upper case)
a. that part of a legislative assembly in continental Europe which sits on the right of the president, a position customarily assigned to the conservatives.
b. a body of persons, political party, etc., holding conservative views.
55. the right stuff, Colloquial
a. the characteristics required to successfully fulfil a particular role: the right stuff to become a pilot.
b. a person having such characteristics: she's the right stuff.
c. alcoholic drink: a bit of the right stuff.
56. the right thing, the morally correct course of behaviour.
57. too right!, (an emphatic expression of agreement.)
58. to rights, into proper condition: *Anyway, I've been pretty busy getting the place to rights, digging and replanting my vegie garden –dorothy hewett, 1999.
{Middle English; Old English reht, riht; distantly related to Latin rectus}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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